The world of the Target Rifle Shooter and the Sporting Shooter is one of enormous diversity and resources. Below I have provided you with a selection of links to websites that I hope will compliment your search and assist you in determining your product needs.

Recommended Links:

Accu Shot Products/Bipods/Monopods

Accu-Shot monopods are the solution for shooters tired of carrying heavy sand bags. Our one-piece units are made from the best materials, and are easy to attach without modification, with simple operation in adjusting and maintaining elevation. All Accu-Shot monopods allow the leg to fold up and retract out of the way when not in use.

Benchmark Barrels

At Benchmark Barrels our team of professionals strives for the utmost in quality and cutting edge performance. We’ve built our reputation on manufacturing world record setting custom rifle barrels used in rimfire, centerfire and air gun competitions. Long range hunters and shooters from all corners of the globe choose Benchmark Barrels for precision, durability and quality of craftsmanship.

Manners Composite Stocks

There has been a lot of time and effort by MCS and many world class shooters to develop our light and heavy class bench stocks.  They are designed to sit very low in the bags and track straight and true. Manners composite stocks is proud to introduce our new F-CLASS STOCK. Some quick specs -very long stiff for end, from the back of the action to the tip of the for end is 27″ long which is around 7 1/2″ longer than a T4 stock. The shell is 100% carbon fibre with a moulded in action and barrel area.

Masterclass Stocks

For the past 18 years we have strived to offer the most up to date stocks and accessories to even the most discriminating shooter. Built fully adjustable to assure proper fit in each position, our stocks have been filling the need for every level of shooter, from the local club shooter to the High Master, setting state, national and world records.

Nightforce Optics Rifle Scopes

Nightforce was established in 1992 with one goal in mind: to build the finest riflescopes on the market. The same qualities that have made Nightforce the choice of professionals have now created a dedicating following among hunters and serious shooters.

Reflex Suppressors

The patented Reflex design of suppressor (or sound moderator) has the expansion chamber sleeved back over the front four to eight inches of the barrel. This reduces the overall length of the suppressed weapon, and improves its balance and handling qualities.

Seekins Precision Scope rails & rings

Seekins Precision strives to build innovative products for precision shooters across the globe.


Introducing the Evolution Xtreme Long Range modular rifle chassis system. The Evolution is meticulously manufactured  to meet the demands of the modern long range practitioner.