About Us

I’m Geoffrey Grenfell, the owner and operator of the armouring business.
I am fully trained and certified with the ADI Trade Certificate of Craftsmanship and am a well known Australian representative Target Rifle Shooter.

I have been operating the armouring business for many years, during which time I have gained great experience in modern demands of precision rifle shooting. I pride myself of staying abreast of the technological changes that are occurring at an ever increasing pace to ensure my service to you is the best.

I’m extremely proud of the armouring services I offer and I set the same rigorous quality and service standards, just like the efforts required to reach perfection in target rifle shooting.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice regarding your desires to improve your equipment, customise or purchase accessories. If I don’t stock it I’ll certainly try to obtain for you or look at alternative options!

Please enjoy browsing the Product and Services and please don’t hesitate to Contact me for any custom order enquiries or to assist with your requirements.